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Joachim Gauthier OSA (1897-1988)

Joachim Gauthier was born in North Bay, Ontario in 1897. He had an early interest in art, and at the age of seven he received as award of excellence for drawings in chalk on the blackboard. A railway pass given to him to see his sister Alice in Tacoma, Washington landed him an apprenticeship as a sign writer. He later began to take life - drawing classes with noted sculptor Victor Alonzo Lewis. Also while in Washington he was introduced to plein air (open air) painting in the coastal regions of Washington.

Upon retuning to North Bay he met his future wife Leonie Quesnel and moved to Hamilton, Ontario. A few years later they moved to Toronto. In Toronto, Gauthier was able to establish a long career spanning 37 years with Sampson - Matthews one of the largest design firms of the day. Franklin Carmichael. At the time this firm employed a most impressive stable including A. J. Casson, Herbert Palmer and Fred S. Haines to name a few. The camaraderie many of the artists shared at work extended to their free time as well when artists such as Gauthier, Carmichael, Casson, etc. would make trips to the hinterland equipped with watercolour and or oil painting supplies where they would
attempt to capture what lay before them.

Gauthier was a charter member of the Canadian Society of Painter in Watercolour. He was also commissioned by the McMichael Conservation Collection at Kleinburg to do portraits of Tom Thomson, The Group Of Seven and some of their contemporaries.



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