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Peter Winchel Sager (1920-Present) 

Peter Sager was born in Vancouver and studied under J.W.G. MacDonald at the BC College of Arts and also at the Beatrice Lennie Studio, but was mainly self-taught. He is internationally known for his sculptures, prints, gouaches, drawings and watercolours. In 1937 at the age of just 17, he held his first solo show at the Vancouver Art Gallery, which included prints and sculpture. He moved to Ottawa in 1944 and worked for Boeing and the National Film Board of Canada. At this time he continued to exhibit his works in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Brooklyn New York, Philadelphia, Ann Arbor Michigan and San Francisco. He participated in exhibitions of the Vanguard Group between 1945 and 1948. He won the French Government Scholarship in 1948, as a result of a recommendation by the National Gallery of Canada. While in Paris, he met Pablo Picasso, Jean Arp and Alberto Giacometti among others. He lived in Paris for four years and exhibited his work at the annual exhibitions of the Salon des Realites Nouvelles. He has held solo shows in Paris, Cannes, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and London. He moved to London in 1951 and his seven foot tall "Bird Man" sculpture won him critical acclaim when it was exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, in 1954. He exhibited 7 pieces in 1959 at the Hanover Gallery which also included works by Picasso, Matisse, Arp, Butler and Marini among others. In 1962 he shared a show with Henry Moore at the Dominion Gallery in Montreal. He was commissioned by Yousuf Karsh to create an outdoor sculpture for his home in Ottawa. His works are in the permanent collections of The National Gallery of Canada, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, the San Francisco Civic Center, the New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Museum, Harvard University Fogg Museum, the University of Michigan, the Odense Museum in Denmark and others.


Untitled (Abstract Mountain)

Untitled (Abstract Mountain)

Untitled Abstract

Mourlot Graphics, New York



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