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Robert Genn (1936-Present)

Robert Genn was born in Victoria, British Columbia. He first studied art at Victoria College, followed by the University of British Columbia. He then studied at the Art Centre School in Los Angeles. He is known for his west coast paintings including the culture of the First Nations people. He has held exhibitions across the country, including the Canada House Gallery in Banff, Alberta, Dominion Gallery in Montreal, Continental Galleries in Montreal, Hollander York Gallery in Toronto, Mayberry Fine Art in Winnipeg, Heffel Gallery in Vancouver, Westbridge Fine Art in Vancouver, Carlisle Galleries in Beverly Hills, California and elsewhere. His work has very strong auction records which increase every year, and is a recognized as one of Canada’s senior living artists. His work is private collections in more than 30 countries.     


Robert Genn (1936-Present)

Last of the Ninstints, Queen Charlotte Islands •

Opabin Creek, Lake O'Hara •

October, East Allie Island •

Lake MacArthur Larches •

Chinook Over Yoho •

Sunset, Lake of the Woods •

From Scotty's Island •

Chatterbox Pattern •

September At Lake McArthur •

Hardy Island (One) •


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